All our models are inspired by passion for extrusion and technology, which produce a wide range of extruders designed to fulfil the requirements of the pipe manufacturer, assuring high productivity and good melt homogeneity with particular care for energy and noise reduction. 

The high performance model ZEPHYR, in L/D 40 represents the state of the art of the gamma. Offered in gearless or traditional version the Zephyr series ensures outstanding performance with optimized power consumption.

The extruders VEGA and ZEUS (gearless) in L/D 37 are both a long tested solution with an excellent cost-performance ratio. ATLAS in L/D 30  a well suited machine for co-extrusion purpose or special material application.

The series MIZAR in L/D 24 to process granulated PVC and the universal extruder ARES in L/D 25, for small output and several technical polymers, are completing the extruders range by Tecnomatic.